Fishing Guild


The Fishing Guild is the guild for elite fishers and requires 68 fishing to enter. Location north west of Ardougne the fishing guild sits on the western shore of the lake and has a huge variety of fishing spots and resources there for players to enjoy. With an easily accessible bank and high level fishing spots for sharks, the Fishing Guild is a popular location for training Fishing beyond 68 Fishing. Players can enter the guild using a skilling boost and can get into the guild from as low a level as 62 Fishing with a +6 boost from spicy stews however a +5 bonus is much easier to get and therefore it's more common to find players at the Fishing Guild from level 63 and above.

Getting There

There are several common ways to get to the Fishing Guild:

  • Teleport to Ardougne using the Lodestone Network and then run north west.
  • Teleport to Seers Village/Camelot and run south and then follow the east coast of the lake around to the entrance.
  • Use a Skills necklace to teleport directly to the gate.
  • Using the Lunar Spell Book teleport directly to the Fishing Guild.

Location Map

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Places of Interest

1. Master Fisherman

The Master Fisherman is the first NPC the player sees when entering the fishing guide. He is the holder of the Fishing Skillcape which can be bought with level 99 fishing and 99,000 coins. He's the one that controls which players can enter the guild and buy similar skillcapes.

2. Range

This isn't the closest range to a bank on Gielinor, but it offers the ability for players to cook their fish right away if trying to get XP in both fishing and cooking. Kind of a win-win opportunity. The range is located just inside of the Guild's Main Entrance Hall.

3. Roachey's Fishing Shop

This here is Roachey's shop. None of the fish are ever in stock unless a player sells a fish to him. However, the feathers and bait are always in stock unless bought by the player. This is really your typical fishing shop.

4. Fish Flingers

Talking to this handsome fellow here, will you bring you to the Fish Flingers Distraction and Diversion. For more information on the Fish Flingers Distraction and Diversion, please click here.

5. Fishing Docks

These are the docks of the Fishing Guild. Same with all fishing sites, the spots come and go and are always being used. The Fishing Guild is undoubtedly one of the more popular fishing site for anyone with a fishing level of 68 or higher for cash or the catch n' cook strategy for XP.

6. Fishing Spots

These are some of north fishing spots which are the more popular ones due to being much closer to the bank. The catches are as followed:

Big net fishing Lobster Pot Harpoon Fishing
  • Raw Mackeral - Level 16
  • Raw Cod - Level 23
  • Raw Bass - level 46
  • Casket
  • Leather Boots
  • Leather Gloves
  • Oyster
  • Seaweed
  • Raw Lobster - Level 40
  • Raw Tuna - Level 35
  • Raw Swordfish - Level 50
  • Raw Shark - Level 76

Barbarian Fishing can also be used at the Fishing Guild.

7. Jones

This handsome fellow here known as "Jones". He is the NPC which the player speaks with to start the fishing quest called; Deadliest Catch. For more information on Deadliest Catch, please click here.

8. Bank Booths & Summoning Obelisk

This bank is one of the main reasons the Fishing Guild is such a popular fishing spot. Not many other places offer a bank as closer as this, those others being - The Living Rock Caverns, Shilo Village, Caverby, and the Fishing Colony. Most people at the fishing guide are in for cash and quick banking option along with the good XP and quick banking for cash as well.

The Fishing Guild contains an obelisk for recharging Summoning points. It is right at the entrance to the northern dock. The obelisk is very helpful to players whom are using familiars such as the Granite crab, Ibis, or Granite Lobster to accompany them while fishing.

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