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Item Type: Miscellaneous
Stackable: No
Wear/Wieldable: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
High Alch: 6Low Alch: 4Grand Exchange Price: 30-Day Change: %90-Day Change: %
Item Options:Use, Drop, Examine.
Used For:Setting up a 4-poster bed in a bed hotspot in your Player Owned House.
Item Effects:
Examine Info:A ready-to-assemble 4-poster.
Location:Construction, Players
Respawn Location:
Notes:Made on a workbench in a Player Owned House, using three mahogany planks and two bolts of cloth. Grand Exchange buy limit is 100 per four hours.
Submitted by: Moonwalk Mad
Corrections Submitted By: Matt, Simon, Deathslayer, Runis Altair, SkillrzUnite, Cow_Ass