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'perfect' ring
Item Type: Quest Items
Stackable: No
Wear/Wieldable: Yes
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: Yes
Requirements to Wear/Wield:Family Crest Quest
Stat Bonuses:
Stab Attack: +0Stab Defence: +0
Slash Attack: +0Slash Defence: +0
Crush Attack: +0Crush Defence: +0
Magic Attack: +0Magic Defence: +0
Ranged Attack: +0Ranged Defence: +0
Summoning Defence: +0
Melee Absorb: +0%
Magic Absorb: +0%
Ranged Absorb: +0%
Strength: +0Ranged Strength: +0
Prayer: +0Magic Damage: +0%
Item Options:Use, Drop, Examine
Used For:Give to Avan in exchange for his piece of the Family Crest.
Item Effects:N/A
Examine Info:A perfect ruby ring.
Location:Made by using a 'perfect' gold bar on a furnace with a ruby and a ring mould in your inventory.
Respawn Location:N/A
Submitted by: Icedlala
Corrections Submitted By: #8173671, Lord Arma