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Mirko: I maxed on RuneScape, Saturday the 3rd. :)
Oct 5 2015, 2:30 AM

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About Me
My real name is Mirko (hiding surname here).
I was born on 21st June 1993
I am around 1,88m heigh.
Eye-colour: blue/green mix
Relation: single
I'm an German, languages: German, Polish and English
Joined RuneZone in December 2013.
Have played RuneScape for like more than 5 years now.
99s in Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Agility, Prayer and Firemaking.
Total level of more than 2200.
Active Scaper. Mostly doing quests, dailies or just minigames.

Abit about my RL:
I was in the kindergarten for like 4 years: 1994-1999. Then I went to a 2nd nursey School till 2000.
In 2000 I went to a primary school until year 2005. Suddenly in year 2007 I got a brain tumour and wasnt able to go to school for 3 months. I kept up somehow, because I got delivered all the school work to home, I did even my homework. I have visited the secondary school, until 2010, I got my Secondary Education II (high chance to get a chance with this).
Then from 2010 till 2011 I visited the career class to learn the theory of a salesman. From 2011 on I visted the Educational Institute until 2012, with this I got my salesman job for 2 years.
Currently still working and waiting on a answer by the school for my IT-Highschool.

Abit about my RS-Life:
I began to play RS in late 2008. For like a year from 2010-2011 I quit RS. Was playing other games, like Cabal or Metin2.
I came back in 2011 and I joined a Revhunter community, lead by Kathryns Bow. We revhunt'ed until EOC came out.
Since EOC, I have gotten alot of more 99's and quests done, questing is cool but I basicly do rarely some quests.
All the clans I have been in, were just meh....

This is kinda all I wanna say to you all.
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