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Allons-y: Ayy Zoners, miss you guys. I'm back to RS so if anyone wants to chat add me! Ign - EndersGame
May 25 2017, 3:37 AM

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Hi, I'm Damon!

I'm 28 years old.
I live in Ohio.
Been playing Runescape since 2004 (Lost original account sadly.)
Favorite food is sushi!
Favorite animal is wolves, they're so majestic.

I discovered Runezone in March, I was browsing through fansites and none of them seemed to click to me that much.

That's when I found RuneZone! Instantly fell in love with the warm welcomes I got by everyone and now here I am, and don't plan on leaving!

Anything you wanna ask me? Shoot me a pm. :)

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As many of you know, my boss was killed on May 18th. I've worked for him for almost 6 years now, and he was probably my best friend. We always goofed off at work and even hung out and partied on the weekends and stuff like that.

It's really a tragedy, because he would have willingly gave up the possessions that the guys took if it meant saving his own life. But these individualls are so cold hearted and soulless that they decided to end his life. James Safadi (most called him Jimmy) was a fun loving guy, and always knew how to make me laugh at work. When he laughed it was so contagious that everyone around him bursted with laugher as well! If you needed a shirt and all he had was the shirt on his back, he would give it to you!

He treated me like a big brother, always looked out for me, and basically took care of me for the longest time during my days working with him. Not a day goes by that I hold him dearly to my heart and cry to myself each day. Tragic loss, he was a great boss, a great boyfriend, and a great brother.

Rest In Peace, Jimmy. Gone, but never forgotten. I will NEVER forget the times we had together, and cherish them every day that I can.

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One of the final pictures he took before he passed, this was with his girlfriend, who is a close friend to me as well.

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