Monster Database
Aberrant spectre
Combat Level: 72
Life Points: 6000
Max Hit: 119
Race: Undead
Aggressive: Yes
Poisonous: No
Retreats: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Monster: No
Slayer Exp: 109
Location:Slayer Tower, north of Canifis; Desert Slayer Dungeon
100% Drops:None.
Examine:A very smelly ghost.
Other Drops:Coins (10-460), Grimy herbs (1-3), Toadflax seed, Avantoe seed, Kwuarm seed, Ranarr seeds, Cactus seed, Poison Ivy seed, Belladonna seed, Whiteberry seed, Snapdragon seed, Cadantine seed, Steel axe, Mithril kiteshield, Adamant platelegs, Rune javelin (5), Nature talisman, Uncut gems, Irit seed, Torstol seed, Lantadyme seed, Gold charm, Green charm, Blue charm, Crimson charm, Black mystic robe bottom, Rune full helm, Rune spear, Dragon spear, Lava battlestaff, Half of a key, Shield left half, Clue scroll (level-3), Abberent Spectre Champion Scroll, Ancient Effigy
Notes:Make sure you have a nosepeg or a slayer helm as they reduce your stats and you will soon find yourself dead if you don't have one. This NPC is weak to thrown range weapons. Having an ectoplamator in your inventory while killing these will grant you 4.5 Prayer exp, like just a bone crusher would. With out a Nose peg or slayer helmet this monster max can go up to 160. Weakness Thrown XP 274.5
Submitted by: DaDa